Fostering Our Community Here at Kingwood Tire & Auto

Here at Kingwood Tire and Auto, we believe that the strength of our auto shop lies in the power of community. As such, we strive to create an environment that prioritizes customer care and respect for all.

Our team of mechanics in Kingwood, TX, is devoted to creating a warm and welcoming experience for every individual who visits our shop or interacts with us online. We have helped countless drivers get back on the road safely by providing expert auto care, as well as valuable advice and assistance when needed. And it’s our hope that we can use our expertise to build relationships with customers that last far beyond their needs being met at the shop.

$5-Off Fridays

Every Friday, Kingwood Tire and Auto offers an extra special treat for all customers who bring their pets along with them to our auto shop in Kingwood, TX. We’re proud to offer a $5 off discount on any services that are needed for your vehicle! It’s our way of showing appreciation to the loyal customers who have stuck with us throughout the years—and it’s an excellent opportunity for pet owners to get their furry friends out and about while also saving some extra money at the same time!


Every Friday from 10 AM - 5 PM
Bring Your Pets
Into the Shop On Fridays For
$5 OFF
your Service!

*Limit one per person. See front desk for details. 

Heels & Wheels: 30-Minute Vehicle Maintenance Education Class

To celebrate Women’s Month, Kingwood Tire and Auto hosted its very first Women’s Car Maintenance Education Class. It was such a success with our community that we’ve decided to make it a monthly event! Our Heels & Wheels class is a 30-minute course designed to empower and teach women the basics of car safety and key maintenance routines. And did we mention that this event is completely free? That’s right! All you need is to sign up with the form below and have the willingness to learn—and from there, we’ll take care of the rest!

The class will be held by the amazing Denise Maertens, who has been with Kingwood Tire and Auto for over twenty years! With her expertise and knowledge of all things auto, we guarantee that you’ll walk away with a greater understanding of how to keep your vehicle running in tip-top condition.

A few of the topics that will be discussed include:

  • How to Check Your Tire’s Tread Depth Count
  • How to Jump Start A Car Properly
  • How to Look for Leaks or Wear and Tear on Your Engine
  • Oil Changes: Why They Are So Important and How to Choose the Best Oil for Your Car
  • Preventative Maintenance: How to Keep Your Car Running Smoothly and Avoid Costly Repairs


Remember, this class is absolutely free! So grab a girlfriend or two and call (281) 317-8060 to register for your 30-minute class. We typically hold them on the last Wednesday of each month at 11 am or 11:30 am! And don’t worry—lunch, snacks, and drinks will all be provided so you can focus on learning! We also like to bring a professional photographer on the premises so you can take home photos of your experience to share with friends and family. So hurry and sign up with the form below; there are only a limited amount of spaces available for each class—and don’t forget to wear your heels!

30 Minute Workshop
For Women On Vehicle Maintenance Education

Kingwood Tire & Automotive Service is hosting its Women’s Car Maintenance Education Class. The class will be held by Denise Maertens who has been with the company for over twenty years! The class is meant to teach women the basics of car safety and key maintenance routines.

  1. How to check your tire’s tread depth count.
  2. How to jump start a car properly.
  3. How to look for leaks or wear and tear on your engine.
  4. Oil Changes – Why is it so important? Which oil best benefits your car?
  5. Preventative Maintenance – Keep your car running smoothly for years & avoid costly long term repairs.
The Class is FREE!

So grab a girlfriend or two & call (281) 317-8060 or fill out the form above to register for the 30 minute class!

Hurry, there are limited spaces available &
Don’t forget to wear your heels!
  • Lunch, snacks & drinks will be provided!
  • There will be a professional photographer on premises to take your pictures!